Online Material

The most important outputs of the project will be:

E-Book Manual

The e-book manual will provide trainers in adult education with separate chapters on creativity assessment, training, online collaboration, EU standards, and the capabilities of the platform.

E-Learning Materials

Training Materials include all the guidelines, methods and tools related to the resilience building of people pertaining to the CAS. Trainers in adult education but also the creative sector professionals can use the resilience building materials, which are expected to be an important tool for all target groups.

Creativity Building Activities

The Creativity Building Activities will include a collection of practical, culture sensitive and easy to implement practices and exercises in the form of a digital library. Creativity development has been proven to be an effective tool for dealing with crises better and more efficiently.

SAT – Self Assessment Tool

This online questionnaire helps adults to identify and assess their creative interests and thus facilitates their use of the platform. The result of this questionnaire are concrete suggestions for exercises from a pool (collection) of practices that take into account the respective interests of the users.

E-Learning Platform

The Online Platform will be used as a virtual learning, teaching, and networking environment where users will be able to find the online modules, participate in learning activities, network and communicate with other users. The platform supports electronic management, storage and presentation of materials, and multilingual forums for networking and exchange of experience and good practices.